At the Ventura County Board Meeting Tuesday, September 13, 2022 we finally won unanimous support for public access to walkways that have been blocked by the apartment complexes that Sara has fought for since 2009 – this is a victory  dedicated to Sara Wan.

Rene Aiu gave public comments regarding this item requesting the erosion of public access over time that has privatized and blocked public access to public walkways and areas through the erection of unpermitted locked gates.
[Click for full: HBCA_Public_Comments_Consent_Agenda_Item-22_Sept-13-2022 ]

All of us at HBCA feel so deeply privileged to have learned so much from Sara!

The Item on the Agenda:

Consent Agenda


22. Approval of and Authorization for the the Harbor Director to Sign, the Third Amended and Restated Lease Agreement (Third Amendment) with Channel Islands Villas L.P., a California Limited Partnership for the Harbor Villas on Parcel C (Landside) in the City of Oxnard; Find that the Third Amendment is categorically Exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act; and Authorization for the harbor Director to Approve Minor Modifications to the Third Amendment.

Motion: Approve staff recommendations with the addition that the Board supports ensuring Public Access where it is required by the Coastal Act in honor of Sara Wan.

Moved By: Linda Parks, seconded by Robert Huber

VOTE: Motion Passed 4-0
Yes: Linda Parks, Kelly Long, Robert O.Huber, Matt LaVere