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HBCA Position on Karl’s December 4, 2022

Why Karl’s Project is the Right Choice for Fisherman’s Wharf
Why The Harbor & Beach Community Alliance (HBCA) is supporting Karl’s Strawberry Village as the right project for Fisherman’s Wharf for many reasons but the following details the two most basic reasons, responses to key objections to Karl’s and the Harbor Department’s process and lack of transparency…

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Apartments can be built anywhere. Harbors cannot.

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Join your friends and neighbors who understand how lucky we are to have such a beautiful harbor and realize the importance in opposing the Fisherman’s Wharf 400 apartment project. Our harbor is one of the most beautiful small boat harbors in the nation.  There are only 12 small boat harbors along the 1,100 miles of California coastline and harbors are not being built anymore.  

Many in the community are outraged by the County taking 11 acres of beautiful waterside land and turning it into a 400 apartment complex.  The proposed complex is 2 city blocks long, 55 feet high, a gated fortress- like complex surrounded by two story high walls locking the public out.

The Harbor & Beach Community Alliance (HBCA) is different from other community groups because HBCA is guided by experts and legal counsel. This strategic guidance has made HBCA effective.  To date HBCA has succeeded in delaying this project, forcing it to go through the normal regulatory process. But it is not over.  To continue to be effective, expert and legal advice is essential and that requires funds.

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