Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How much of my donation is used for administration costs?

100% of the money donated to HBCA is used to pay Consultant and Attorney Fees.
0% administration! 0% on overhead!
The volunteers purchase envelopes, stamps, ink and other presentation supplies out of pocket.


Why are you against revitalizing Fisherman’s Wharf?

We are not against revitalizing Fisherman’s Wharf – we are against privatizing the property that should be public, visitor and boater serving. See: HBCA Standard Position on what is needed and would be supported regarding the proposed Fisherman’s Wharf project by the County and Channel Islands Harbor Properties LLC


Do you have a phone number?

Actually – no – we are all volunteers and do our best to communicate activities here and on

How do I donate?

Click the button to DONATE NOW!

Or you can send a check:

Make Checks to: Western Alliance for Nature
Memo line: Channel Islands Harbor
Mail to: 3600 S. Harbor Blvd. #488, Oxnard, CA 93035