The County continues to be intractable.  The County, in Lyn Krieger’s July 20, 2018, letter to the City repeats the request that the City’s Local Coastal Plan (LCP) be made to conform to its General Plan.  This is contrary to coastal law.  In the Coastal Zone, the LCP that governs, not the General Plan so if anything, the General Plan should be made to conform to the LCP.

In addition the County requested the following:

  • The City and County agree to process a Land Use Plan Amendment (LUPA) only, with no amendment to the Coastal Zoning ordinance at this time.
  • The City acknowledge officially that this LUPA is exempt from CEQA
  • The City process such an LUPA within 90 days, including a review and hearing before City Council

The City responded to the County’s letter on August 6, 2018.  In this letter, the City respectfully disagreed with certain characterizations identified in Krieger’s letter regarding “events that occurred, documents and information that have been provided, and the assurances and reassurances that were made.”

The City’s letter continued on to say that the City had in cooperation and good faith, streamlined the process for the Developer and was unable to accept requests for further concessions in its LCP process.  The City also asserted its right and responsibility to identify and consider the environmental impact of the project, given its proposed size and scope.  Therefore, it could not guarantee that it will conduct a hearing before City Council on the LCP Amendment within 90 days from the Developer’s submittal of a complete application (which has not occurred to date).

At this point, it is critical that the public continue to support the City’s position.  It is important that the community stay vigilant regarding the County’s actions.  For more information go to

Rene Aiu, Harbor Delegate

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