Outcome at Coastal Commission – What’s Next for Fisherman’s Wharf and Harbor – More Massive Apartment Buildings Are Proposed

If you have not heard, it was a rare unanimous 12-0 vote by the Coastal Commission denying the County’s attempt to override the City of Oxnard’s denial of a Local Coastal Plan Amendment to allow the massive 400 apartment building at Fisherman’s Wharf. READ the followup letter from the Coastal Commission: Aug 19 CCC Action Letter Override Amendment

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Unfortunately, as the Harbor Director said prior to the hearing,

“whatever the outcome, it is not over.” The developer, Channel Islands Harbor Properties LLC, has exclusivity for Fisherman’s Wharf’s development through June 2022.

This developer also has exclusivity over two other prime harbor land parcels. One is X3 located on Harbor Boulevard just south of Harbor Landing where the developer plans to also incorporate parcel X2 and parking lots Y1, Y2, Y3 abutting Harbor Boulevard to build an even more massive 513 unit apartment project along the harbor waterfront. On the other parcels are F/F1, they plan to squeeze 300 apartments between the existing apartments and the new hotel at the end of Peninsula Road, and like at Fisherman’s Wharf, remove free public parking needed for the park and harbor access. To what extent CIHP, will redesign their Fisherman’s Wharf project to address the issues raised by the City of Oxnard and the public is still not known. To allow other visitor-serving and harbor purposed areas to be used for apartments would also set a precedent that could be used for Fisherman’s Wharf.


We need your help to continue our effective efforts to ensure Channel Islands Harbor remains accessible to all income levels and age groups and that the priorities of the harbor remain boating, fishing and visitor-serving recreation and uses – NOT massive high end apartments.

We cannot let up because this developer and the County are not.
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The documentation shows that even though extra time (a full 3 months) was given to the developer for deliverables these plans are what were in play when the ERNs were renewed.