The L.A. Regional Water Quality Control Board (LARWQCB) is accepting public comment in regard to Waste Discharge Requirements for discharges from Irrigated Agricultural Lands. They are accepting comments from the public.
Your support is necessary to show the public interest to move toward creating and maintaining a clean water environment in Channel Islands Harbor, including the water quality of The Edison Canal, and the Landside drainage that flows 4 1/2 miles from the agricultural areas to the ocean.

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You may also attach the document named Exhibit 1 that has been submitted by the MAC team.
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Exhibit 1 details concerns with the information in the draft and staff report.
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To: Subject: Public Comment for Waste Discharge Requirement R4-2023-xxxx for discharges from Irrigated Agricultural Lands Thank you for this opportunity to provide Public Comments on the proposed WDR for Requirements for Discharges from Irrigated Agricultural Lands.  We agree with the requirements of the Monitoring and Reporting Plan (MRP) to:

  • assess the impacts of waste discharges from irrigated agricultural lands on waters of the state,
  • evaluate the effectiveness of management practices to control waste discharges,
  • track progress in reducing the amount of waste discharged to waters of the state to improve water quality and protect beneficial uses,
  • assess compliance with water quality limitations, where applicable.

Farmers and ranchers that pollute must be accountable for verifying that they are achieving water quality standards to protect the environment and public health.

This accountability is essential to incentivize growers to make the investments that are needed to implement effective BMPs (Best Management Practices) ensuring water quality targets are achieved.
Since NRG blocked the north end of Edison Canal in 2018 contaminants must travel 4.5 miles by thousands of homes to the ocean at the harbor entrance.  Harbor water quality has been degraded.

Farmers and ranchers must be contributors to the remediation solutions for Oxnard Coastal and Channel Islands Harbor Subwatershed Responsibility Areas.

The WDR needs to provide compelling incentives or consequences for achieving compliance with water quality limitations, where applicable.
We look forward to collaborating with the Regional Board and VCAILG as this WDR process moves forward.  These elements are essential to protect the Region’s valuable water resources.

Thank you for your consideration.

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The water quality has been degraded in Mandalay Bay and Channel Islands harbor since 2018, when the NRG Power Plant closed. The power plant pumped on average 1.5 billion gallons per month from Edison Canal into the ocean. That circulation flushed contaminants out the north end of the canal. NRG blocked the north end in 2018 and now contaminants travel 4.5 miles to the ocean at the harbor entrance.

Problems with the Draft

  • The proposed WDR lacks definition of contributor responsibilities.
  • The proposed WDR lacks compelling incentives or penalties for non-compliance
  • The proposed WDR plan has conflicting statements
  • The proposed WDR plan has missing/incomplete information


Documents, Links and Information

The Los Angeles Regional Board has jurisdiction over all coastal drainages flowing to the Pacific Ocean between Rincon Point (on the coast in western Ventura County) and the eastern Los Angeles County line, as well as the drainages of five coastal islands (Anacapa, San Nicolas, Santa Barbara, Santa Catalina, and San Clemente). The Regional Board’s jurisdiction also includes all coastal waters within three miles of the continental and island coastlines.

The proposed General WDRs can be found on the Los Angeles Water Board’s website at:
Waivers of Waste Discharge Requirements | Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board (

The Marine Advisory Committee (MAC), also known as “The Clean Water Team” is comprised of volunteers from the Channel Islands Neighborhood Council. The MAC focuses on harbor water quality and conservation. The clean water team collects water samples and monitors results.

Marine Advisory Committee

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