Thursday, August 22, 2019

This was the SECOND of THREE public hearings!

City’s Decision Process on County’s LCPA

The public review participation process will consist of 3 meetings.

The FIRST of these meetings occurred this past Monday, April 22nd. This was the Community Workshop. Over 250 people attended the workshop to hear the developer’s project presentation and to ask questions and comment on the project.

This meeting on August 22, 2019 was the SECOND public meeting was with the City of Oxnard’s Planning Commission. There are 5 members on the Commission. The meeting was anticipated to be sometime in June 2019 – but was delayed until August 22. The the result was the Planning Commission voted 5-1 to support the recommendation of Staff to Deny the Amendment and will now submit that recommendation to the City Council.

The THIRD and final meeting NOVEMBER 7th 2019 Special City Council Meeting  6PM, City Council will hear  Staff and Planning Commission reports and recommendations. The Developers will also present  – and the PUBLIC MAY COMMENT!  The City Council will then vote – we want to support Staff and The Planning Commission recommendations to DENY THE AMENDMENT!

Update note: The City DID Deny the Amendment on Nov 7th, 2019