City of Oxnard Planning Commissioners
Deirdre Frank
Wilfredo Chua
Orlando Dozier
Jim Fuhring
Robert Sanchez
Jeremy Meyer

251 South A Street
Oxnard, California 93030


My name is _____________________. I live in (city, zip)_________________________. I am writing this letter to oppose the Local Coastal Plan Amendment (LCPA) application from Ventura County and the developer, Channel Islands Harbor Properties LLC (CIHP). Amending the City’s LCP is an important decision. It impacts the way the City protects its coasts, beaches and harbor. This amendment will affect the entire Channel Islands Harbor, not just Fisherman’s Wharf. This harbor is a rare and valuable asset of the City. This public land should be utilized to provide a much needed long-term tourist attraction and recreational area for Oxnard. It should not be turned into a private enclave for the elite. It is one of only 12 small boat harbors along the 1100 miles of California coast. Harbors are not being built anymore.

There are many reasons why this LCPA should be denied. The LCPA is inconsistent with at least 20 of the City’s Local Coastal Plan policies. The 20 policies will remain inconsistent even if this amendment is approved. It makes no sense to amend the LCP to accommodate a single project. It violates the “heart of the City’s LCP”: genuine public access to coastal resources for all. The project is also at odds with the LCP’s priorities to encourage, protect, and promote expansion of commercial and sports fishing and recreational boating. (Here add your own specific concerns if you like).

If this LCPA is approved, it will set a precedent for other high-density residential development at the harbor because the density change will apply to the entire harbor, not just Fisherman’s Wharf. The City will lose its permitting authority and will be unable to stop or modify these developments despite the fact they are within the City and should be subject to the City’s jurisdiction.

The proposed project at Fisherman’s Wharf is inappropriate development of public land designated for visitor-serving and harbor oriented uses. A development that is in the coastal zone and on publicly owned land deserves a higher standard of scrutiny and demand for public benefit. I hope after a thorough review of this LCPA you come to the same conclusion. It should be denied.

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