1) Harbor Water Quality Funding! 
2) A Wonderful Harbor Park Improvement!
3) As a proud sponsor, HBCA is asking you to support the Summer Fundraiser for Reel Guppy Outdoors!
Why? Reel Guppy Outdoors takes kids and families fishing for FREE!

Oxnard Receives State Funding for Channel Islands Harbor Water Quality

Mayor John Zaragoza announced that the City of Oxnard will receive $16.5 million in funding “to build and repair essential infrastructure that prioritizes the safety and well-being of our community.”  The Mayor credits the support of Assembly member Steve Bennett, Assembly member Jacqui Irwin, and Senator Monique Limon for helping to secure the funds.  Allocations of the funds includes $500,000 for evaluating the feasibility of multiple water quality and habitat-benefiting solutions in Channel Islands Harbor.



Creating A New Fun Park for Families and Kids To Enjoy at the Harbor

The Harbor Department is planning to improve a portion of Harbor View Park for families and children to enjoy!

This visitor-promoting improvement is consistent with what HBCA has wanted at the harbor.  We finally have a Harbor Director who gets what the harbor is about and what it needs.

Making the harbor a more entertaining and fun place for families is key to revitalizing Channel Islands Harbor.  Harbor Director Michael Tripp, working with a local experienced design team, has an exciting, visitor-friendly plan for Channel View Park (see photos).  Their idea is to create a place children can safely play while parents sit and enjoy a café latte from Honey Cup or take the kids for ice cream, a snack, or lunch at one of the harbor restaurants after they play.

Having more activity centers in the harbor benefits not only visitors but also harbor businesses and neighboring communities. The Fun Park will provide another reason for people to come to the harbor. 

We are very excited about this plan! HBCA expresses appreciation to the Harbor Director for another effort the Harbor Department is making to revitalize the harbor and its visitor-serving needs.

THANK YOU, Harbor Director Mr. Tripp!

HBCA is a proud sponsor of the Summer Fundraiser for REEL GUPPY OUTDOORS!

Who is Reel Guppy Outdoors?

Reel Guppy Outdoors takes kids and families fishing for FREE!

The Reel Guppy Outdoors program is instilling an appreciation for natural resources across the country and spawning the next generation of sportfishing and outdoor enthusiasts. It provides a positive environment for youth using outdoor experiences that help educate, teach leadership, stewardship and team and life building lessons.

Every $40 donated sponsors 1 REEL GUPPY!

Reel Guppy provides fishing gear and instructions to all participants  for FREE as well!

Participating youth experience everything hands-on, constantly engaged no matter how the fish are biting that day.  Parents are equipped with fishing know-how as well so they can confidently take their family to “catch a memory” together outside of fishing trips we coordinate and supervise.

Who are guppies? Some are first-time fishers, some are foster youth, some had parents join and participate with them, some were shy, some are socially challenged, and some live with behavioral disorders.  But all their faces light up when they land their catches, practiced tying knots properly, learned about the marine ecosystem and conservation, and more.

Many coastal and industry businesses as well as family-focused organizations partner and endorse Reel Guppy Outdoors. 
To list a few:

  • The International Game and Fish Association
  • Sport Fish Restoration
  • NOAA
  • Coastal Conservation Association
  • The Port of Hueneme
  • California Fish and Wildlife
  • Recreational Boating & Fishing Organization
  • United Parents
  • Girls Scouts
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Foster VC Kids

We hope you will join us to make this Summer Fundraiser a REEL SUCCESS!