After the publication of the reports below the Harbor Department amended in their response to the Audit Report

HD Amendments to Response 2022-01-28 Audit of the Harbor Departments Property Development and Maintenance Practices for Channel Islands Harbor

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2022 County Audit Report on Harbor Department is Released!

Confirms Public’s Concerns –  Omits Important Issues – and Raises More Questions

HBCA continues to push for positive changes in the way the harbor is managed. 
In June 2021, HBCA requested an audit of the Harbor Department as per County policies.  The Auditor-Controller Department agreed to a limited audit of the Harbor Department’s Property Development and Maintenance Practice.

The report did not cover the Krieger years during which many of the harbor problems originated.

The audit was an important step in safeguarding Channel Islands Harbor. We thank the Audit-Controller Department for responding to the concerns that we raised in our letter requesting an audit.

The report confirms many of the public’s concerns and frustrations regarding the harbor’s mismanagement over many years. 

 The report includes the Harbor Department’s responses and the corrective actions it plans to take.

The public needs assurance that history will not repeat itself going forward.  This will require the publishing of agreed upon standard harbor policies and processes for harbor development and maintenance. 

There are still no such standard policies and processes.

HBCA submitted a response to the audit report identifying omissions and questions that need to be addressed.

 NOTE: The response from HBCA document Includes the Draft document referenced by HBCA :” Attached is the last draft of proposed development policies and processes that was developed by the former Harbor Director, Mark Sandoval, with input from the Harbor Advisory Committee. This document was not finalized and adopted. It needs to be reviewed, modified as appropriate, approved and officially published on the Harbor’s website.

Thank you for your letters to the Board of Supervisors requesting
that these policies and procedures be
officially established at the harbor. 

We recommend you keep it simple! Below is an example – please read the documents and personalize your email as you choose!



Email To:
Carmen Ramirez <>


Audit of the Harbor Department Audit Report January 28, 2022

Dear Supervisor Ramirez,

I am writing in support of the HBCA response to the Harbor Department Audit Report January 28, 2022.
I ask that these policies and procedures be officially established at the harbor. 
I also request that the issues and questions raised in HBCA’s audit response letter are addressed.
Thank you for your support of our beautiful Channel Islands Harbor!

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Matt LaVere <>

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Linda Parks <>

District 3
Kelly Long <>

District 4
Bob Huber <>

District 5:
Carmen Ramirez <>