PLEASE NOTE: If you plan on participating in the polls during the meeting you need to attend the meeting via a web browser or ZOOM application – not just phone in. There will also be extensive slides shown so attending by audio only may be more difficult to comprehend.

What would you like to see developed at the harbor that would attract and welcome visitors? In a Zoom “Workshop” on January 28th, from 6pm-8pm, there will be a presentation of development concepts for harbor development by Sargent Town Planning, the consulting firm retained by the Harbor Department to coordinate and over-see the visioning process. During the presentation, participants at various times will be polled for input and responses.

Mark Sandoval, the Harbor Director, has said that as part of the presentation, he will announce that going forward, all development proposals for the harbor will be guided by the “vision” and go through the transparent competitive Request For Proposal (RFP) process open to all interested developers. He also indicated that the Harbor Department would more aggressively identify and pursue developers whose experience and track record fit with the Harbor development “vision.”

Whatever the “vision” is, the priorities must be water recreation and commercial fishing facilities, as well as maximum public access and public amenities commensurate with the value of public waterfront land. These are policies of the Coastal Act, the Local Coastal Plan, and the Harbor’s Public Works Plan.

Everyone is encouraged to register for the Zoom Workshop by going to the Harbor website:


Development that is consistent with the Coastal Act and is visitor-serving and harbor-oriented

An updated Public Works Plan with a comprehensive Master Plan for the entire harbor.

A truly open, transparent RFP (Request For Proposal) process at the harbor with open bidding for development that is not limited to apartment developers' proposals.