Mark Sandoval’s email of June 1, 2019

To: Rene Aiu
CC: , Tim Flynn , Bert Perello , Carmen Ramirez

I met with Lucas Zucker of CAUSE recently. We had a discussion regarding the Fisherman’s Wharf proposed project, particularly as it relates to environmental justice. We discussed affordable housing needs in the City and County. I told him that currently the proposed project included no affordable/subsidized housing because of the level of funding needed to rebuild the retail/commercial component.

As the HBCA appears to be the most vocal group regarding the project, I would like to know the HBCA’s position on subsidized/affordable housing for the project. We try to consider all input for the project, and hope that you will provide me with HBCA’s position on including subsidized/affordable housing in the Fisherman’s Wharf project.
Thank you,
Mark Sandoval

Harbor Director

Rene’s HBCA Response to Sandoval email June 4, 2019:

To: Sandoval, Mark
cc: , Tim Flynn , Bert Perello , Carmen Ramirez

Your email stated that you told Mr. Zucker of CAUSE that currently there are no proposed affordable units in the Fisherman’s Wharf project. You did not say you are actually proposing affordable units.

The Harbor & Beach Community Alliance (HBCA) opposes the Fisherman’s Wharf project because it is inappropriate development of public land designated for visitor serving and harbor purpose uses. Channel Islands Harbor is a rare public asset that should benefit all, not just the lucky few that can live there. As stated in the Environmental Justice Policy “Coastal development should be inclusive for all who work, live and recreated on California’s coast and provide equitable benefits for communities that have historically been excluded, marginalized, or harmed by coastal development.”

Like CAUSE, HBCA supports affordable housing along the coast and elsewhere but not at the expense of public access and the loss of lower cost public facilities, especially on public coastal land. This is imperative to environmental justice. The proposed Fisherman’s Wharf project does not provide any affordable housing. It is inconsistent with 20 policies of the Local Coastal Plan. It does not provide genuine public access to the harbor for all. As CAUSE has said to me a location that is “in the coastal zone but also on publicly owned land deserves a higher standard of scrutiny and demand for public benefit.”

Rene Aiu on behalf of the Harbor & Beach Community Alliance