2019 Where are we now – what’s next?

An unsolicited development proposal for Fisherman’s Wharf was sent to the Board of Supervisors on Oct. 21 and copied to the Oxnard City Council. HBCA got a copy of the proposal through a Public Information Request to Oxnard.

HBCA Position on “Visioning” Meetings:

Only Established PWP Process Has Legal Basis for the Public to Hold the County Accountable to Deliver the Plan The fundamental reason governmental agencies like Cities and the Counties establish standard procedures and processes for public input. (e.g. a Specific Plan...

HBCA Updates

Read the timeline on The Fisherman’s Wharf Project. The timeline contains background information and key events leading up to NOW.

About The Scale Model

Using the developer’s own architectural drawings, HBCA created a Scale Model. For the first time, the public can actually see the scale and density of the Fisherman’s Wharf project. The public can see the County and Developer’s promotional renderings are misleading.