What’s Happening

On June 11th, the County’s Planning Division conducted a public workshop specifically focused on the Hollywood and Silver Strand Beaches because these are dense residential areas.  The purpose of this workshop was to get community input on the draft of the updated County Local Coastal Plan (LCP) and its proposed amendments that aim to prepare these at-risk coastal areas for the inevitable impact of sea level rise and coastal hazards.

On May 15th, the City of Oxnard conducted an initial discussion regarding its proposed Local Coastal Plan (LCP) amendments to meet the challenges of sea level rise.  There will be public workshops in the future open to the public.

Both Ventura County’s and the City of Oxnard’s Planning Departments have conducted vulnerability assessments and have mapped them by coastal sections that can be reviewed at each department’s website.  Both have drafted adaptation strategies for each specific area within their jurisdiction. There are 23 miles of coast line within the County and 9 miles of coast line within the City including Channel Islands Harbor.

Accommodation strategies for specific areas such as Channel Islands Harbor and waterway communities will still need to be evaluated by comparing engineering-specific designs and options. For the City, the next steps will be is to use the information provided in the Adaptation Report and the previous Vulnerability Report to draft Sea Level Rise (SLR) and LCP polices that: (1) support the community’s vision for the future; (2) address the specific coastal hazard risks; (3) are consistent with the California Coastal Act, (4) generally follow the policy directions in the Coastal Commission’s SLR Policy Guidance (2015); and (5) reduce impacts from hazard events compared to not having taken any adaptations.

The County and City will be coordinating their efforts as they will involve code changes in areas such as: real estate disclosures, risk assumption, siting and design of new development and significant renovation construction, hazard reports for new development, building elevations and codes, seawalls.

Documents and Contacts

Sea level rise projections have been done and vulnerabilities mapped by area. 
Photos of historical hazards and maps of projected future sea incursions are done.
These are all available to the public at the following websites:

Ventura County:
For more information, email Aaron Engstrom at aaron.engstrom@ventura.org

City of Oxnard:
For more information email:

Or write to: City of Oxnard Local Coastal Plan Update at 214 S. C Street, Oxnard 93030 or call 805-385-3945.

Remember: July 20, 2024 is Ventura County’s deadline for public review and input on the proposed Local Coastal Plan amendments and zoning ordinance updates. The plan is then to schedule a Fall hearing at the Coastal Commission for approval of the proposed amendments.

Those who reside in or near a coastal area  may want to review the proposed Local Coastal Plan amendments by jurisdiction (County unincorporated coastal areas or City of Oxnard coastal zone) as they will impact future development,  building and renovation requirements, flood hazard abatement, and coastal resource management.

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